Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hi everyone! I saw Sammy today and he told me to tell everyone that he has not given up hope and he is grateful for all of the prayers and support that people have offered. I also wanted to say what a wonderful job you guys are doing! Keep praying and remembering Momma D's words, 'Be still and know that I am God...Clemency!'

If you are able, please join me tomorrow night (August 17th) for a prayer service at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church at 7:30pm. Pullen Church is located at 1801 Hillsborough St. in Raleigh. After the service, participants will process with candlelight to Central Prison for a vigil that is expected to last until about 2:30 a.m. However, participants are welcome to come and go as needed.

The LAST CHANCE to sign Sammy's online petition will be tonight. Tomorrow at 10:00am we will be printing it and sending it to the governor. Please SPREAD THE WORD AND HAVE AS MANY PEOPLE SIGN IT AS POSSIBLE!!!!

Also, please continue to call the Governor and make as many contacts to news, newspapers, radio, legislators, etc...

And finally, pray like you've never prayed before...It's now or never!

Thank you all for all your love, support and prayers!!! Sammy, myself, and his family needs it!!!
Thanks for all your HARD work, but DON'T STOP YET!!!! WE STILL HAVE TIME!!!!

Jill Wilkes


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