Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hi. I went to school with Sammy. I was friends with him then, and also remained friends with him after we graduated. I attended the trial. I do not feel he is guilty, however even if he was, the crime does not met the NC guidelines for the death penalty. NC law requires premeditation before the death penalty can be imposed. Premeditation has never been established. I hope everyone who knows him will write AND call the Governor to express an opinion about this case. Politicians listen to voters. Let the Governor know where you stand. Thank you.

Bobbi Jo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Picture
One innocent, lonely, scared young man,
With only a pen, and paper in hand.
Questions are bountiful inside his mind,
as he sits there doing time.

Time is his friend, and his enemy too.
Yet he is no different than me or you.
He hurts inside, although it doesn't show.
As feelings of fear continue to grow.

He loves and is loved by family and friends.
Yes, he hurts for himself, but more for them.
For they too are victims, of a system gone bad,
And as strong as they are, still sometimes they're sad.

It helps him to know that he is not alone.
What helps even more is that God is still on the throne.
God is the one who puts the wind in our sail,
And we know in the end, He will prevail.

As one of his children, i'm never alone.
I know for sure that someday soon,
"I'll be coming home."


5:04 PM  

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