Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hi my name is Shannon and I knew Sammy a long time ago. He has still remained to this day my Mom’s “favorite.” I wrote a blog to help contribute, I don’t know if you will post it or not since my family has not been directly involved. Sammy has been in our thoughts and prayers for years. My mother had a special attachment to Sammy and has shared her interest for years in visiting or sending him letters. She just didn’t know how to got about it. She is fighting her own struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and can hardly write and can’t drive anymore. She has had access to the internet and has kept a very close watch on Sammy’s case. This is so painful for her. She feels, as we all do for the loss of a little child, but we have always believed in Sammy. His smile and positive attitude were contagious. I have forwarded the blog site to all of my friends and family, and asked that they spread the site. They all remember Sammy as being the handsome, kind, and loving one, and we are all just sickened by the sentence that may be carried out. One child gone is enough, healing is through forgiveness in our hearts, not through talking another life. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do.




Anonymous Jennifer Cockerham said...

I am a nurse of 27 years and my husband is a minister. We have known the Flippin family for more than 20 years, and I taught Sammy in high school. He was always respectful, considerate, even tempered and friendly to others.
Over my years of nursing practice, I have seen incidents of malpractice and negligence, where physicians would not accommodate families to obtain a second opinion, because they did not want their own mistakes/negligence discovered. I have also lost a son at the age of 3,1/2. While my heart goes out to Britani's mother and grandparents, at least Sammy summoned the EMS to her side. If her death was premeditated, Sammy would not have summoned help.
His family was always reaching out to others in sorrow or need. He, too had the same compassion. Please reconsider his sentence for August 18th. Our prayers are with you all.

Jennifer Cockerham

12:20 AM  

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