Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hi, my name is Joel. I met Sammy right after I graduated from high school in the late '80's. That's Sammy in the picture above. I had taken a job at a local store and Sammy was the one in charge of training me. Sammy and I became best of friends almost as soon as we met. From spending so much time together working we discovered we had a lot in common and started hanging out. As our friendship got stronger, I learned that Sammy was one of the nicest guys I had ever met. Sammy wasn't the type to get angry and he just really cared a lot about his friends. I remember one time Sammy and I went fishing and he asked me to drive his truck home when we were done so he could ride back with his girlfriend. Sammy had just bought a new Chevy S10, and since he was a good ol' country boy, his pickup truck was special to him. As I was driving Sammy's truck home, I went to change the CD in the radio, and I jumped the curb and hit a telephone pole and wrecked his new truck. I remember I was so scared to tell Sammy that I wrecked his new truck. But when I told him, Sammy wasn't angry about the truck. Instead the first thing he did was ask me if I was okay and safe. Sammy never asked me for any money to help pay for the towing or the the damage on the truck. Actually, Sammy never brought the subject up again. I couldn't imagine that someone wouldn't be angry with me that I wrecked their brand new truck, but Sammy wasn't angry. He just wanted to make sure I was okay. That's the type of guy Sammy was: he cared a lot about his friends and would do anything for them.

Please check out the rest of this website to help us help Sammy. Remember to tell everyone you know about this website so that we can help our friend. Thanks.


Anonymous paul huffamn said...

hi my nme is paul huffman i have known sammy along time since we were in highschool together.
we hung out alot during schoool & after we graduated. i have given a statement to be reviewd by the govenor to try & help sammy's case be commuted please do what you can to help . come to the rally & send as many letters & emails to the govenor that you can. thanks

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