Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello, my name is Jill Wilkes and welcome to my site about Samuel Flippen. Sammy is a close and dear friend of mine. I have known Sammy since we were kids because we went to the same high school and church for many years together. I can remember us sitting and talking together on church youth outings and I remember what a joyful, funny person he was in high school. Everybody loved Sammy!

Yes, that was a long time ago, but Sammy is still that same person. I know because I have been visiting him in prison for the last 10 years. I am hosting this blog because I want to share with people what an amazing person it takes to not let 12 years of prison change him into a cold and bitter person. He is still a peaceful, funny, NORMAL guy. He IS NOT a danger to society and he DOES NOT have a violent personality which he has demonstrated by years of good behavior in prison. SAMMY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE PUT TO DEATH!!!

Sammy is a morally good person who I love and respect very much. If there's any one thing you take from my statement, I want it to be this...that someone is standing up for Sammy and saying that he is not the horrible, evil, monster that he has been portrayed. He is a sweet, lovable, loyal, GOOD person!!! He is MY friend and I am HIS friend! To all those who loved and knew Britnie, I want to say that Sammy and all his friends and family mourn with you. Yes, Sammy, too, mourns over the loss of Britnie. Sammy loved her very much!

The picture above is of Sammy and me at the Gospel Light Prom when we were in high school. Sammy asked me to go to the Prom with him at one of our Youth Group Activities at Gospel Light. When Sammy and I went to the prom together, we went with two other friends ours from school. Sammy was a perfect gentleman and held the doors open for me and pulled out my chair at the dinner table. We had a great time.

Please pass the address to this blog around. I want the world to know about this story so we can SAVE SAMMY!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Jill, this is Keith Redmon. You know I am a police officer and I am a firm believer in the death penalty. However, I do NOT believe Sammy deserves it. I feel for him, his friends and especially Rita, him mom. I remember her requesting prayer for Sammy at every service. I don't know how much it will help, but I have written the Governor requesting that Sammy's execution be reconsidered.

Take Care,

10:18 AM  

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